What is Cobra Insurance?
October 12, 2021 By admin

What is Cobra Insurance?

insuranceCreation.com – Cobra stands for COmbined BENefits: one of the insurance options available to your employees if you let them go and they aren’t eligible for unemployment.

Anyone considering an insured lifestyle? Growing your #coverage is important once you decided to start a family.

#Cobra is designed not only to protect, but offers peace of mind as well! Code for CObra: PAYCOBRA

Cobra Insurance gives you the ability to extend your benefits in the case of a lost income. But we don’t just stop there. Many companies stop paying for disability insurance when their policyholder is in a state of inactivity, and we put in place a system in which these clients could continue receiving their payments and recommence coverage when they feel healthy again.#CobraInsurance


When insured, you’re underwritten by one of the leading in the world. There’s never been a better time to speak up and be heard. Cobra Insurance is offered to people who lose their job and need coverage until they’re able to either find new employment, or be eligible for traditional Medicaid.

This type of insurance answers many questions about what you need coverage wise while unemployed. What kind of security!